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SuperiorityWhy join us?

  • Brand advantages

    With more than 10 years industry experience, Kidman advocates science & technology, freedom, innovation and fashion. As the whole world becomes a global village, Kidman not only focuse on the China market, but also value Asia, EU, USA and other overseas markets.

  • Product advantages

    Kidman is dedicated to meeting personalized and differentiated needs of discerning users.
    We have a wealth of different specifications of the same range for option, in this way, dealers can customize products in line with local conditions. Thanks to this flexible strategy, Kidman has witnessed a fast growth and will continue to grow.

  • Technical advantages

    Kidman embraces a culture of innovation and continuous improvements, has an uncompromising focus on impact and excellence, developed a number of original technologies that lead the entire industry. As of 2020, Kidman gets more than 20 national patents and is among the companies with the most patented technologies in the industry.

SupportDealer Support

  • Media AdvertisingOffer Internet and traditional media promotion support for dealers.
  • Store DecorationDesigner offers professional decoration solutions for the dealers.
  • Advertising MaterialsProvide a package of marketing materials, like posters, banners, etc.
  • Staff TrainingProvide all-round management training for dealers.
  • Product ServiceProfessional team provides pre-sales and after-sales service support.
  • Sales PromotionProvide dealers with support for plan, publicity and implementation.

RequirementsDealer Requirements

  • 01

    Enterprises or citizens who have a deep understanding of the fresh air systems and markets, and are interested in engaging in the fresh air business.

  • 02

    Enterprises or citizens with independent civil liabilities.

  • 03

    Have confidence in Kidman brand, a passion for success and an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • 04

    Have a good understanding of brand management and recognize Kidman's company philosophy and culture. Cooperation spirit is highly valued.

  • 05

    Have strong judgment on the dealership location and have good management skills.

  • 06

    Have certain financial capability.

  • 07

    Have a sound business reputation, do not default in payment.


ProceduresDealership Procedures

  • Appointment

    Prospective dealer contacts Kidman regional manager.

  • Negotiation

    Regional manager conducts business negotiations with prospective dealer and on-site reviews his/her business premise.

  • Information Collection

    Regional personnel collects relevant information and issues a due diligence report.

  • Analysis

    Kidman analyzes and evaluates feasibility based on corporate strategy and channel plan.

  • Appproval

    Regional manage approves dealership request.

  • Sign Application Form

    Prospective dealer signs application form.

  • Agreement & Deposit

    Dealer signs contract with Kidman and pays the deposit.

  • Successful Cooperation

    After signing contact, Kidman sends products details to dealer and he/she starts ordering.